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Environmental Scientist, David Koons, spoke on the radio about our upcoming class on Oct. 21, 2021. TriCounty Health Environmental Health is now holding a virtual class every month with a new topic. You can find the classes here:

  • Environmental Health is reaching out to help the public understand what services we provide. The public can attend virtual classes on a new topic every month. Our goal is to answer the most common questions we hear from the public. The classes will then be archived on our web page for everyone to watch.
  • Thursday 10/21/21 from 3-5 p.m. I will teach a virtual class about wastewater site assessments.
  • It is free to log on; go to the TCHD web page,–> community,–> classes & training,–> Virtual training.
  • This is aimed at  the public who want to learn more about this service we provide. We have a one time class that we offer separately to the home DIY person that wants to put in their own system.
  • We provide a list to the public of certified wastewater contractors. A contractor can not legally install a wastewater system in the TriCounty area if they’re not on the list of registered contractors.
  • After completing this class, we hope the public will be better informed about how to get started on their own system.