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TriCounty role in subdivision approval

TriCounty Health is required to approve subdivisions as the water and sewer authority according to Utah Code Title 17. 

Upcoming Training about subdivision approval

September 23, 2021 at 3:00 pm

  1. 30 minutes to explain the subdivision process

  2. 30 minutes to ask questions

  3. Will record and post on our website

What is a Subdivision?

Creating a new building lot.

Issues we see

  • The public regularly walks into our office with a plat and asks us to sign it. This creates friction between the Health Department and the public.

  • The public regularly asks for permits to construct a home on lots that have not been approved.

  • The requirements can take a considerable amount of time. Up to one year.

  • Lots can not be sold until the subdivision is approved. 



  • Our goal is to explain this process and to prepare people before they are ready to build.


More Information

  1. Contact Cindy at the Health Department (435) 247-1160

  2. Go to We have a link to rules and will post a link to the training.