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  • The public hearings That happened on Dec 15 and 16 went well. Everyone who attended had great questions and shared their comments on what they wanted to see added or changed to our local rule.


  • We took what was suggested to us and made changes to our rule and the fee schedule. We added things such as how often we would inspect, and dates of when the rule will be fully enforced. We gave business owners the ability to ask for variances and the right to appeal; something that is not given to them in the state rule.


  • We added details about who the rule does and does not apply to.


  • We worked the hardest on the fee for the permit. We think we found a good compromise between what an owner needs to pay for the permit; and what is wrapped up in our cost to do the inspection.


  • Everyone who has given us their contact information has been sent the changes that we made to the local rule and the proposed fee.  If you did not receive this email and would like to look at the changes made to it; you can find them both on our web page.


  • We are having another public hearing. It will be in Vernal, January 12th at 6:00 pm. The restriction on group size is still 10 people. Because we are only having one meeting we are providing a link so you can attend online. You can find the link on our web site or on the TCHD facebook page.  You can email your comments to

Upcoming Public Hearing Cosmetology Rule

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