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Vernal, UT Sept. 29, 2022Discussion was held in the Sept. 28, 2022 TriCounty Board of Health meeting regarding the free trial period for the electric vehicle (EV) charging station at TriCounty Health Department (TCHD) that resulted in ending free public use of the station. 


TCHD installed the quick-charge EV station at the Vernal office located at 133 S. 500 E. and it became available for free use by the public in October 2021. The new cost for charging is now $0.14 per kwh plus a transaction fee of $1.25 per use. 


“We were very happy to offer free charging to the public as we sought to raise awareness of this fast-charging station. We’re glad so many people have used the service as we continue to work toward clean air in the basin,” Director of TCHD, Kirk Benge, said. 


The plans to add an EV station at the Roosevelt TCHD office is still underway and notice will be released when the Roosevelt station is ready for use. 


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