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September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  Over the past few years, the Uintah Basin has experienced a lot of stress which has taken a toll on our collective mental health.  Signs of anxiety and depression are on the rise and as a result, calls to the National Crisis Lifeline have increased. 

 Recognizing the warning signs of suicide, which can include talking about wanting to die, acquiring means, and feeling hopeless is key.  If you think someone is considering suicde, ask them. Asking direct questions is one of the best ways to help others open up and start an important dialogue. Some ideas are, “I heard things are rough. Are you doing alright?’ or “I’m worried about you. Have you had thoughts of hurting yourself?”  Asking a person if they are considering suicide does not plant the idea in their mind. 

Be there for the person. Remind them you are there for them and actively listen.  Find out the severity of the danger they’re in and use available resources to persuade the person to seek further professional assistance. This can be done by calling the National Crisis Lifeline (800-273-TALK), using the SafeUT app or visiting

 The Live On campaign is a statewide effort to prevent suicide by promoting education, providing resources, and changing our culture around suicide and mental health.   

TriCounty Health Department partners with Northeastern Counseling Center and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to promote the Crisis Lifeline and provide resources to our schools and throughout the community.

 Together we can get through, reach out, lift up, look ahead, and Live On.