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With our Christmas miracles arrived, we can remember that our goodwill to ourselves can have LONGlasting benefits. You are in charge of your health so use some of these tips to stay active and eat healthy during cold, winter months.
Movement – a mix of muscle strengthening exercises and cardio will help keep you feeling great all winter long. Start small with some indoor strengthening exercises –
1 – Squat/Lunges – you’ll be bending over to play with the kids, but practice this on purpose with squats. They will strengthen your large muscles by using your own body weight. Keep it simple at first by sitting down in the imaginary chair behind you. Your abdominal muscles and powerful legs should pull you back to a standing position. When you have good form, add some soup cans for light weights.
2 – Crawl/Stretch – we started our lives moving this way, but after some years, our bodies will forget how awesome it feels to crawl and stretch. Just do some slow twists, bends, and see how clean those baseboards are! When you move this way and that on purpose it’s fun, feels great and prepares you for your busy days.
3 – Pushups and Planks – no equipment needed, you will build your upper body and core strength by pushing yourself around. Breath in as you go down and OUT as you push back up with explosive power – you are AMAZING!
4 – Steps – For balance and joint strength, your steps are now your at-home gym! Strengthen your balance by using those stairs or steps on the regular. 
EATING WELL – Balance your feasts with some periods of fasting – but be sure to get plenty of water and listen to your hunger cues. We have Christmas fruits like oranges and cranberries that will bring us vitamins, but what about herbs and spices that will keep your internal engine chugging away like the new electric toys?
Try using these herbs that have strong healing properties in your winter food.
1 – Basil – fight inflammation and boost immune support. Don’t throw away the garnish and all that flavor!
2- Thyme – clears mucus membranes, helps with sore throats, upset stomachs and is naturally antibacterial!
3 – Rosemary – this herb holds natural mood boosting power, used to spice up food and treat your migraine.
4 – Mint – with balanced amounts of vitamin C and Iron, breathe better, and enhance your mental power with the fresh herb. 
5 – Hot/Spicy Peppers – natural capsaicin will warm you from the inside and may help pull you back from colds and viruses.