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We are now at that time of year that air quality worsens. We have already seen some high ozone days.

Many of us believe that our vehicles do not need to meet an emissions standard. Mostly because we don’t have to get our vehicles emissions tested. 

It is illegal to alter the emissions on our vehicles. It is illegal to have a vehicle that smokes.

We have all seen the vehicles that smoke excessively or someone has programmed a vehicle to smoke intentionally.

Utah Code 41-6a-1626 (attached)

We will have a link for you to fill out an online report.

To report you will need:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Date and time observed
  • Vehicle location
  • Vehicle description

If we get a report we will send a letter to the registered owner explaining the law. If we get multiple reports we may require an emissions test. We can request that the DMV not register a vehicle until the problem is fixed. We can also fine them for the violation.

What we want is for everyone in Uintah, Duchesne, and Daggett Counties to be concerned about our air quality and realize how they are impacting the rest of the community.


Listen to this radio clip from an interview with Environmental Health Director, Darrin Brown: