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As of July 1, 2021 all cosmetology facilities/barber shops in operation should have a TriCounty Health Dept operating license.

Cosmetology facilities/barber shops operating without an operating permit issued by TriCounty need to get in compliance ASAP, TCHD will have to begin imposing late fee for noncompliance January 1, 2022

Process to be in compliance with TCHD:

  1. Obtain 2 applications, 1 for Cosmetology operating permit and 1 for cosmetology plan review at

  2. Fill out both applications
    Plan Review application $0 for existing cosmetology facility (before July 1, 2021) , $200 for new facility. If your facility offers body art and/or tanning there is a separate plan review application for those services.

  3. Operating permit $200 for cosmetology only 2022 operation.  If body art and/or tanning are offered there is an additional $100.00 for each service offered.

  4. Email completed applications to Cindy in Uintah county  and for Duchesne county email to Jill

    Training online for Cosmetology/ Barber shops on December 16, 2021 at 3 P.M. Register here