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The Great American Smokeout

  • Thurs Nov 21
  • Annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS)
  • event focuses on encouraging Americans to quit tobacco smoking.
  • People are challenged to stop smoking for at least 24 hours assuming that their decision not to smoke will last longer, hopefully forever.


  • More than 34 million people in the United States smoke cigarettes, that is about 1 in 7 adults, 14%
  • 480,000 people in the US die every year from a health problem related to tobacco
  • Smoking is the #1 most preventable cause of death- meaning it could have been prevented. 
  • In Tricounty, 17.5% of adults smoke, which is the second highest county in Utah

Immediate Benefits of quitting:

  • Right away you stop creating smoke that is dangerous for your friends and family to breathe.
  • Within 20 min, your blood pressure and heart rate lower.
  • After 12 hours, your oxygen level increases
  • After 1 day your lungs start to clear out and your sense of smell and taste improve

Methods of quitting:

  • Cold turkey, abruptly dropping it- most effective but hardest
  • Decreasing usage by pushing off the urge even just a couple minutes because cravings only last a couple min
  • Decreasing usage by not smoking in certain locations- such as in car
  • Decreasing by not smoking certain hours of the day. 
  • NRT, nicotine replacement therapy: patch, gum, nasal spray
  • One-on-One help offered at Tricounty Health as well. 
  • What is the UTah Quitline number?



  • Write down your reasons why you want to quit- find your motivation
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take it one day at a time
  • Keep your mouth busy- chew gum, toothpick, mints
  • Find ways to distract yourself- exercise, do a hobby, clean
  • Do something to Reward yourself every day/ week you don’t smoke 
  • Find a support person you can talk to