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Vernal, UT Sept. 17, 2020TriCounty Health Department (TCHD) is continually developing partnerships in the community to aid the local COVID-19 response. Partnerships have been developed with local healthcare partners and education. Davis Food and Drug is the newest addition to help TCHD provide better response. 


TCHD contact tracers are working to minimize the spread of COVID-19, by identifying where an individual may have come in contact with the virus and prevent the virus from being spread to more individuals. When individuals are put on quarantine, they are asked to monitor their symptoms. Davis Food and Drug is partnering with TCHD to help us provide needed equipment for symptom monitoring for those who do not have equipment readily available. 


TCHD is grateful for the community practicing public health measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. On Sept. 15, 2020 there were 29 active cases in the tri-county area. It takes the community pulling together to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum. Stay home when ill, practice physical distancing of six feet or greater where possible and wear a face mask when physical distancing is not possible. Practice proper hand hygiene by washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water. If anyone experiences symptoms consistent with COVID-19, it is recommended to get tested. 


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