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As of FEBRUARY 28, 2022 The TriCounty Health Department dashboard is retired. This is kept as a snapshot of what COVID-19 case counts were like on a local level. 

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On a computer, hover mouse over line, exact numbers will appear with date.  On a touch screen, tap line, exact numbers will appear with date
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COVID-19 Vaccine doses Administered by TriCounty Health Department

Fully Vaccinated Percentages by Age Group

County 12-18 Yr Old 19-29 Yr Old 30-39 Yr Old 40-49 Yr Old 50-59 Yr Old 60-69 Yr Old 70-79 Yr Old 80+ Yr Old
Daggett 25% 46% 59% 45% 58% 68% 48% 44%
Duchesne 30% 35% 31% 38% 61% 72% 85% 82%
Uintah 27% 29% 29% 44% 51% 63% 71% 73%


County Population Percent Fully Vaccinated Percent Breakthrough infections Total infections of unvaccinated people
Daggett 978 47 12% 125
Duchesne 18,205 38 1% 3,483
Uintah 33,129 38 12% 6,290

Links to more information:

Local Transmission Report

Every Thursday by 1 pm the Local Transmission Index is updated. This page shows the rates in each county, local death and hospitalization per week and statewide hospitalization use.

local testing locations

Where and when you can find testing in the TriCounty area.

2021-2022 School Plan

Information on what TriCounty Health Department will do in the situation where there is COVID-19 in schools


Local people, local experiences

Legend under graph shows what each color line represents.
At a glance – when looking at the graph the line goes up when the numbers go up, the line goes down when case counts decrease.
Active and recovered graph – The right side vertical numbers are total recovered, tap or hover for exact numbers by date. The left vertical are numbers for case counts and deaths, hover or tap for exact numbers by date.
Week by Week graph – number of new COVID-19 cases each week, hover or tap for exact number by date.


Data Notes:

Case data: Lab-confirmed cases are displayed based on the date the case is reported to TriCounty Health Department. At this time, the state of Utah is considering both SARS-CoV2 PCR and antigen tests as confirmatory testing for COVID-19 infection.

Death Counts: Deaths reported by UDOH include confirmed and probable cases as defined by the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) case definition. This includes: 1) confirmed cases with a positive COVID-19 PCR result and no alternative cause of death noted on the death certificate or reported by the Office of the Medical Examiner (OME), 2) probable cases where the death certificate lists COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death and no alternative cause of death reported by the OME, and 3) probable cases with COVID-19 symptoms and close contact to a laboratory confirmed case and no alternative cause of death reported by the OME or the death certificate. Death counts are provisional and subject to change as investigations are completed.

Age Data: The ages of patients displayed in the dashboard are based on the age of the patient at the time of diagnosis. 

Hospitalization Data: Hospitalizations represent the cumulative number of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases that have been admitted to a hospital due to COVID-19. This count does not represent the number of COVID-19 cases currently in the hospital. The data captures hospitalizations reported by cases and providers. Some hospitalizations may not be included in this count due to reporting gaps. 

Percent Recovered: The number of cases where more than 14 days have passed since symptom onset or test date for asymptomatic individuals who have not died, divided by the total number of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases in Davis County. 

Transmission Thresholds: Based on the State of Utah’s Transmission Index, high levels of transmission would be indicated by test/test past 7 day percent positive averages at or above 10%. Moderate transmission would be between 5% and 10% and low transmission would be at or below 5%. 

Percent Fully Vaccinated: The number of TriCounty residents who completed their COVID-19 vaccine dosing series as reported by UDOH divided by the total county population. Note that those receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be counted as both having received at least one dose and as fully vaccinated since only one dose is required for that type of vaccine.

Vaccine Clinic Data: The number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered by TriCounty Health Department (TCHD) to persons residing in any county. The performance graph is updated weekly on Mondays. Data is sourced from the TCHD appointment scheduling system. For more information on vaccine distribution, visit

Vaccine Coverage: First dose data from the TCHD clinic scheduling system was combined with first dose data reported to UDOH from other vaccine providers and aggregated by patient age and week they were vaccinated. Counts were then divided by 2019 population estimates for each age group and converted to percentages. This data reflects how many county residents have received one dose, meaning many still need an additional dose to be fully vaccinated. Notice the trendlines reflect phased prioritization by Utah Unified Command of older age groups first for vaccine eligibility. The graph is updated weekly on Mondays.