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Did you know vaccines are not just for children? Adults need them too. As we get older our risk for different diseases increases and changes creating the need for immunizations. There is also
the chance that some adults did not receive some of the vaccinations available now as children.

Recently Gardasil, the vaccine for HPV, was approved for adults up through age 45. Have you considered this protection for yourself? Another vaccine that is new for adults is Shingrix, a
shingles vaccine. This vaccine is recommended for ages 50 and older and is 90% effective in preventing shingles. The previous shingles vaccine was only 60% effective.
Last year the Uintah Basin had a very high rate of flu cases that were hospitalized. Our rate was double that of the rest of the state. Most all of those who had to be hospitalized did not get their flu shot. A simple flu shot could have saved many illnesses. Have you had your flu shot this year to protect yourself from the flu?

These are just a few examples of vaccines adults need. If you are wondering what you need come to Tricounty Health Department and we can help you find out what you’re missing.